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Our family comes from Sicily, Italy having lived in Termini Imerese for 4000 years.  They were farmers and fishermen.  When we visited our relatives, they were proud of the fact that they had been on the island as long as anyone could remember.  The picture on this page,  looks from the Belvedere on the upper city over the lower city out over the bay with St. Charles mountain off to the right.  We have walked the Serpentine Road from lower Termini to the upper level were we enjoyed gelato and the view”

Although our family name is Lazio we could not find any surviving family when we visited Sicily.  We take pride in the fact that Lazio is the Providence which includes  Rome.   Our family migrated to the United States to start a new life.  Several families moved to New York and then on to Denver and on to San Francisco, California.   The  DiNovo name is also part of our family.  DiNovo comes from the “new city”  which  was built after the Greek Temple was destroyed by the Carthaginians and people had to rebuild the city by the sea.